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Easily move through the space with joy-stick and pin-pull navigation.


Choose finishes and materials from the customizable catalog.

Tour Guide

Instead of relying on users to navigate on their own, give them a list of locations to jump to.


Customize the look and feel of the model with multiple options to choose from.


Experience the model in VR or full screen 3D visualization on mobile or in the browser.

See Before you Build, Experience Pre-Reality

Visualize projects before they exist. With quick vCAD conversion and turn-key services, your model becomes a thrilling 3D visualization experience for you and your clients.

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“When I showed clients the 2D images and then the vCAD walkthrough, they made quicker and more informed decisions about the products when using vCAD. We actually changed a product because of how it looked in vCAD versus the 2D image.” -Chris Johnson, Director of Visualization at Images of America

Case Study

"Being able to pre-sell projects that aren’t built opens up new avenues for financing." -Mike Hatcher, Founder, Hatcher-Hill Properties


“Every time I’ve shown somebody one of my models in Google Cardboard, they’ve hired me to be their architect. The application is fantastic for communicating my design to my clients. With one client, when I put her in the goggles, she said, "Oh my, Jim, this is beautiful!” -Jim Balding, Founder, The ANT Group


TDIndustries offers integrated and comprehensive solutions from engineering and construction to the operations and maintenance of your facility.


“The simplicity of transferring objects and transforming them into the vCAD format, along with multi-device compatibility and cloud-based platform are all reasons vCAD intrigued me.” -Dr. Marko Jaušovec, Faculty of Civil Engineering, Transportation Engineering and Architecture at the University of Maribor

Case Study

The University of Michigan's Robotics Program used vCAD to show off their yet-to-be-built Ford Motor Company Robotics Building.


With a long standing history of providing engineering and materials sciences services to the energy, we at Imperia look to the future where the energy industry and technology is quickly evolving.


Customize vCAD to fit your needs

3D Fly-Through

Upload CAD files and explore 3D fly-throughs on any device or experience them on your phone or through a VR headset. You can also roam smoothly without the interruption of point-to-point navigation.

Universal Distribution

Share models to any desktop or mobile device, embed 3D fly-throughs on your own website, or distribute them to clients on our free app.

Experience pre-reality

vCAD is compatible with almost all CAD software, making it easy to upload files and distribute to clients and colleagues. Now you can experience and share interactive visualizations anywhere, anytime. Explore projects before they are built!