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vCAD’s 3D virtual reality software is revolutionary for architects. You can easily transform and distribute your CAD models into immersive 3D fly-throughs and virtual reality experiences before they’re built out in the real world.

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Explore vCAD’s 3D fly-through to experience first hand the thrill of continuous navigation. You’ll enter a world of pre-reality, a virtual space where you can truly experience a design before it gets built out in the real world.

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How it works

vCAD’s virtual reality architecture software lets you and your clients experience your designs before they are built – pre-reality! With a simple upload to the secure cloud, you can transform and distribute your CAD models into immersive, interactive 3D.

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Getting real results

For Jim Balding of The ANT Group, vCAD has been a game changer for his architecture practice. Jim uses vCAD in all phases of his work, from showing prospective clients his work in virtual reality, to giving his clients a virtual tour of his CAD drawings.

Highly compatible, easy to distribute

vCAD is compatible with almost all CAD software, making it easy to upload files and distribute to clients and colleagues. Now you can experience and share interactive visualizations anywhere, anytime.

Available on iOS, Android and any desktop web browser.

Works with any mobile VR headset that is Google Cardboard compatible.

Compatible with any 3D CAD software, supports RVT, SKP 2014, FBX, OBJ, and STL file formats.