Experience models as if they were real

vCAD lets you roam around models as if you’re really there, while sharing your experience at the same time

Virtual reality + 3D walkthroughs in one

  • Transform your 3D models into high-end 3D fly-throughs on your desktop, tablet or phone
  • Import your 3D models to our virtual reality application so anyone can experience them on a smartphone and mobile headset

Feeling of reality

  • vCAD’s patent pending navigation reduces motion sickness so you can view your models as long as you’d like
  • Simply look in the direction you want to move, press the side-mounted touch pad, then move in the direction you want to explore

Continuous navigation

  • No more point-to-point movement – vCAD enables you to smoothly soar on a continuous path
  • Fully navigable VR lets you see various vantage points and perspectives

Easily share interactive designs

  • Embed your 3D models as fly-throughs on your website
  • Clients can experience your designs in virtual reality with a free vCAD viewer app

Collaborate in real-time

  • Easy collaboration with simultaneous broadcasting to other devices
  • As you explore in VR, others see your view in real-time or on other devices locally or remotely
  • For 3D walkthroughs, turn your phone into a powerful presentation remote control with the ability to broadcast a mobile view to any desktop

Highly compatible, easy to distribute

Upload almost any CAD model and share the experience of 3D fly-through anywhere, anytime, with anyone.

Available on iOS and Android Apps and as an embedded link for email, website and Facebook distribution.

VR compatible with Google Cardboard viewers and full screen versions on Mac and PC.

Compatible with any 3D CAD software, supports Revit, Google SketchUp, FBX, OBJ, and STL file formats.