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Personal Account

The personal account includes a robust set of features and enough storage to get you started.

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  • Transform your own CAD models into 3D fly-throughs and virtual reality
  • Upload your own CAD models in the vCAD gallery and share with others
  • Share your models with clients on our free virtual reality viewer app
  • Embed your models as 3D fly-throughs on your website
  • 200 MB model storage on secure cloud

Professional Account

This plan is recommended for professionals who are serious about vCAD.

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  • Everything in the Personal account plus:
  • Simultaneously broadcast your models as you experience them in VR and give live group presentations with Screenshare mode
  • Share your CAD models with your private network of clients and friends
  • 2 GB model storage on secure cloud
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This plan is for enterprises with higher needs, including customized services.

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  • Everything in the Professional account plus:
  • Multiple, floating licenses
  • White label branding
  • Rendering services
  • Additional customizations available upon request


  • What if I don’t have a VR viewer?

    vCAD’s VR mode and One-Touch Navigation® requires a mobile viewer to fully navigate any 3D model in VR. When you subscribe at any level, we’ll send you a free headset. If you want to purchase additional viewers, they tend to be very affordable. In addition, you can view CAD models in the 3D fly-through mode on your phone or computer without a headset.

  • Can I share my projects?

    Can I share my projects? 
Yes, you can turn your phone into a powerful presentation remote control. Using this Presenter mode, you can broadcast your mobile view to any PC/Mac computer internet browser.

  • There are a lot of VR solutions out there. What makes vCAD different?

    vCAD is the simplest and most cost-effective solution to convert CAD files to VR. Our patent pending One-Touch Navigation reduces motion sickness, which has long been a barrier to immersive VR. And vCAD is also the only solution with “continuous walkthrough,” allowing you to continuously navigate your design to achieve true interactive visualization.

  • Is it hard to convert the files?

    There is absolutely no programming experience needed. vCAD is powered by the Immersifier, a tool that allows users to upload CAD files and automatically convert them to VR experiences to be distributed onto a smartphone via the cloud.

  • How does vCAD eliminate motion sickness?

    vCAD created a patent pending One-Touch Navigation solution to motion sickness: simply look in the direction you want to move, press the side-mounted touch pad, then move in the direction you want to explore. By only allowing users to move in the direction of view, this allows the sensory input systems to align, creating a clear field of vision, and alleviating motion sickness as a result.

  • How can I organize my projects?

    There are several ways to stay organized:

    • Gallery: Desktop web viewer and mobile vCAD app.
    • Favorites: Any project from Gallery, Inbox, and Projects.
    • Inbox: Share your projects to an individual vCAD registered email.
    • Projects: Manage your uploaded files.
  • How do my clients get the app?

    As a subscriber, you can send your clients a personalized link that takes them to the app store to download the app for free.

  • Do I need to know how to program to convert my files?

    There are no programming skills required to convert your CAD files to 3D virtual reality files. With the vCAD app, it takes only moments to convert and get the file delivered to your smartphone.